How Do You Reset a Fujitsu Air Conditioner?

When you press the RESET button, press it gently by using the tip of a ballpoint pen or other small object in correct direction as shown in this figure. Never mix new and used batteries, or batteries of different types. Batteries should last about one year under normal use. If the Remote Controller’s operating range

How To Wash Your Pillows?

While most of the people wash or replace their beddings, pillowcases and sheets regularly, they might not wash or even replace their pillows. The pillows will gather dust, sweat or dirt over time and if you don’t give as much attention to them, they can turn yellow colour and too dirty to use when you

Alternatives to Facetime for Android

Being able to communicate with your family, friends or relatives even when they are far away is a blessing for all of us today. With the video chat apps, this blessing is happening. You can talk or see your beloved ones or join a video conference from everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, Apple’s unique and

How To Use Your Phone When Traveling Overseas

Today, most of us don’t go anywhere without our smart phones. In the international trips also, your smart phones will be always with you. But depending on your phone, data usage outside your country can be costly sometimes. To avoid any exorbitant bills or any data charges and still connect your family and friends during

How To Fix A Dryer That’s Not Heating?

Dryers which work with an electric have a heating element. The element consist of a metal chamber which contains a coil of heating wire. Through the coil, electricity creates heat and the air flows through the the chamber becomes hot absorbing this heat. Then the hot air dries your clothes. When this element is defective,

How to Fix A Leaking Faucet?

A leaky faucet is an annoying problem that may turn into a great issue if it isneglected and not adressed especially. Drips of a leaky faucet which keeps you up atnight may be annoying and cause higher water bills, waste of the water and the waterdamage. Repairing your own faucet may seem a diffucult task

What do the Android status and notification icons mean?

The Status bar at the top of the Home screen provides device information (such as network status, battery charge, and time) on the right side and notification alerts on the left. Notification icons on the Status bar display calendar events, device status, and more. For details, open the Notification panel. Notification Panel Features Settings: Display

How to Get Moisture Out of a Watch?

Moisture is a quite common problem in watches especially if it is exposed to the water or extreme humidity. It can occur for a number of reasons. Some watches are not water- resistant and this means it is more easier to form a condensation in the watch. There are water- resistant watches also but especially