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What is the Advantage and Disadvantages of Split AC?

If you are going to purchase an air conditioner for coming summers, there are many options available for you. You may choose a central air condition system or can go for a window or split A/C. Everyone has its own advantages and disadvantages. Your final purchase will depend upon the size of area you wanted

How to Fix a Noisy Window Air Conditioner?

There are different types of air conditioners that you can install at your home or office. You can choose a split air conditioner, wall AC or a window air conditioning unit. All of these have their own advantages and disadvantages. The selection of air conditioner depends upon your place, you want to cool and amount

How to Uninstall an Air Conditioner Step by Step?

If summers are approaching, then you must have make some plans about how to keep your home cool to get some relief from hot summers. The best solution that mostly people opt is to get installed an air conditioner in their home or office. So if you have already installed one at your place its

Why your Window Air Conditioner is Not Working?

Air conditioner is one of the basic necessities that every home owner has to install specially during hot summers. So if you have already installed one, that`s great and if you don`t then you should have before the actual hot summers start. As there are many advantages of having an AC at your home, you

What to Choose A Window Type AC or Wall Type AC?

If you are in a process of selecting an air conditioner for your home or office because you are looking forward to have some relaxed moments during hot summers, then it’s a great idea and you have to do it before actual sever heat days. It becomes a difficult process especially when you have choices

How Do You Reset a Fujitsu Air Conditioner?

When you press the RESET button, press it gently by using the tip of a ballpoint pen or other small object in correct direction as shown in this figure. Never mix new and used batteries, or batteries of different types. Batteries should last about one year under normal use. If the Remote Controller’s operating range

How to Fix E4,E5,E6,F1,F2,F3 Error Codes in AC?

At the point when error codes show up on your AC, this tells the client there’s an issue with the AC with either within the divider unit or outside unit. The error code that is shown will disclose to you the issue that is happening inside the AC. When you realize the error code’s significance

How to Size Your Ceiling Fan?

When we go ceiling fan shopping we all first look at the design and how well it will go with the house décor but it is more than just the design we need to consider. The actual size of the fan contributes a great deal on how well it will perform and longevity of the