December 12, 2019
How to Choose a Car Air Purifier. Do They Work

How to Choose a Car Air Purifier. Do They Work?

If you want to eliminate odors, prevent fatigue, better your concentration, and enhance the quality of the air you breathe in your car, RV or a small area, you may want to consider buying an ionizer, purifier with HEPA filter specifically designed and produced for small areas.

HEPA filter specifically
HEPA filter specifically

It is a known fact that air in a car is not clean, some pollutants are even at higher levels inside the cars than outside; levels of some pollutants and toxic compounds can be as much as 5 times higher in car than alongside the road, and opening the car windows is not a wise solution for this since you will be subjected to lots of fumes from hundreds of cars around you let alone your own car. Air conditioners are also not solution to the organic compounds originating inside the car.

There are various types of air purifiers. They work by way of emitting negative ions, ozone or fan powered filter systems such as HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters. Just like many home appliances, car air purifiers also utilize these filters to offer best solution against harmful particles that may endanger your health.

For ozone devices, ozone levels for air purifiers are recommended to be limited to 0.05 parts per million in closed areas. A good car ionizer should particularly list ozone as less than 0.05 PPM. Unlike air purifiers that make use of ozone (which may be bad for health especially for people driving long hours or spend lots of time in their car), the ones that utilize the power of negative ions along with Hepa filters would be a more effective and wise choice if you are considering buying one.

Car Air Purifier
Car Air Purifier

If you intend to buy a negative ion emitting car ionizer, look for ionizers that specifically list how much negative ions they will give. Negative ion emitting air purifiers that make use of negative ions instead of ozone would be better choice.

Ionizers disperse negatively or positively charged ions that attach to particles in the air. The particulates are later collected by the ionizer or attached to nearby surfaces. Ionizers remove allergen or asthma inducing particles from the air. Ionizer or purification devices that use HEPA filters are better at this. They are good for people who suffer allergies or asthma as well as sinus and throat irritation, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, and headaches in car. Moreover, some researches suggest that anxiety and severity of depression decreases with exposure to negatively charged air ions. Air purifiers help people have a more relaxed and enhanced mood. They are used in hospitals and surgery rooms against the spread of infection.

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