How to Fix a Noisy Window Air Conditioner?

There are different types of air conditioners that you can install at your home or office. You can choose a split air conditioner, wall AC or a window air conditioning unit.

All of these have their own advantages and disadvantages. The selection of air conditioner depends upon your place, you want to cool and amount you can afford to pay for that. Central air conditioning system is expensive as well as used mostly for large places and office buildings, so if you can`t afford that then the best solution alternate available to you is to go for window air conditioner. Windows AC’s are very easy to install and come with an option of installing these in any window or any hole or opening in the wall can also be filled by installing a window air conditioner. Another advantage of installing this type of air conditioner is that you don`t have to install separate condenser units and extra piping.

Window Air Conditioner
Window Air Conditioner

If you are looking to install a window air conditioner, then it is easy because you don`t have to do the designing as you have to do for central air conditioning system. As there are many advantages of window ACs, there are few disadvantages as well and the biggest of them all is sometimes it becomes noisy. So if your AC is also making some noise that is creating difficulties for you then following are some steps that can help you in troubleshooting your window air conditioner excessive noise.

Foreign Objects

If your window AC is running smoothly without creating any sort of loud noise and you notice that suddenly it has changed its normal noise and become noisy, then the first thing you have to check is to inspect your AC`s outer part. It is very common that sometimes any foreign object like flying debris or any small animal can enter your window air conditioner outer part and become the reason of extra noise. If you are living on ground floor than it is quite possible that some animals like lizard or rat have entered your air conditioner unit and make it their new home.

Foreign Objects
Foreign Objects

So what you need to do to tackle this is to switch off your AC first and also unplug it and after doing this you need to open the front grill. You should now peek inside the unit using a flash light. If there is something that need to be removed, you should remove that and fasten the front grill again and turn on the air conditioner again.

Fan Blades may be bent

In some of the cases, the problem exists even after the removal of unwanted object from the air conditioner. This is because of the damage they already done to your unit before finally removed. On noticing things closely again, you may find that the blades of your AC fan are bent because they may have struck against the object that you have removed already.

So you should check that are the fan blades straight, and if not, then you should straighten them till the time they again get straighten or come back in their original shape. You can do this by using pair of plier or even with your own hands.

In case if you don`t know that are your fan blades bent or not, then you should take help of some professional who can assist you the best.

Window Frame Vibrations

Mostly you have seen that the window air conditioners are not mounted in window with care and it was placed there insecurely. As the window unit is heavy and there are many moving parts too so you need to place it securely so that it don`t move in its place. So when they are placed carelessly, so there are chances that they do vibrate a lot. So you need to check the window frame sides, if they vibrate continuously and excessively, then you should contact those who have installed your air conditioner. You should ask them to fix it again properly in the window frame so that it won`t vibrate again or at least this vibration should be of minimized.

Problem with Front Grill  

As you are having a window air conditioner installed in your place, you do know that its front grill has to be removed for cleaning the filter on regular intervals. You can remove and reinstall the front grill easily with a locking mechanism. Further even your filter is dirty, your air conditioner won`t make any excessive noise so you should not think of filter problem for excessive noise.

On the other hand, while cleaning the filter and then putting back the grill, you don`t place it rightly or your locking mechanism gets damaged or become defective, your front grill start vibration and create an excessive noise as well. So you need to remove the grill again and place it back in its proper position to reduce the noise to normal level. And if your AC`s locking mechanism has some problem or it gets damaged, then you need to replace that to get rid of excessive noise.

Lack of Lubrication

Another reason for excessive noise coming from your window air conditioner is that its fan motor may not be properly lubricated. If this is so, then it will result in persistent excessive noise. If your window air conditioner is making noise for this reason, then you should immediately switch off your air conditioner to avoid any kind of damage to the motor.

If you find this being the real reason for the excessive noise during hot summer days, then it will be a worst scenario, because you can`t deal with the motor yourself, you need to hire the services of a professional to lubricate your fan motor because the motor is sealed and you can`t work on it on your own. Otherwise it may get damaged more than coming back to its normal working position. So don`t try to lubricate the fan motor yourself, never.

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