Oven Symbols Meaning

Oven Symbols & Functions

on-offON / OFF. To turn on and off the appliance.
Heating FunctionsHeating Functions. Press the sensor field to choose the menu: Heating Functions. To turn on or turn off the light, press the field for 3 seconds. You can turn on the light also when the appliance is turned off.
FavouritesFavourites. To save and access your favourite programmes.
Temperature selection. To set the temperature or show the current temperature in the appliance. Press the field for 3 seconds to turn on or turn off the function: Fast heat up.
Down keyDown key. To move down in the menu or to adjust settings.
Up keyUp key. To move up in the menu or to adjust settings.
okOK. To confirm the selection or setting.
Back keyBack key. To go back one level in the menu. To show the main menu, press the field for 3 seconds.
Time and additionalTime and additional functions. To set different functions. When a heating function operates, press the sensor field to set the timer or the functions: Function Lock, Favourites, Heat + Hold, Set + Go. You can also change the settings of the food sensor.
Minute MinderMinute Minder. To set the function: Minute Minder.
Time of day. The display shows the current time.
Duration. The display shows the necessary time for cooking.
End Time. The display shows when the cooking time is complete.
Temperature. The display shows the temperature.
Time Indication The display shows how long the heating function operates. Press + and - at the same time to reset the time.
Calculation. The appliance is calculating the time for cooking.
The display shows the temperature in the appliance.
Fast Heat Up Indicator. The function is active. It decreases the heat up time.
Weight Automatic. The display shows that the automatic weight system is active or that weight can be changed.
Heat + Hold. The function is active.
Food Sensor. The food sensor function is active.
Heating Functions. Contains a list of heating functions.
Pyrolysis. Pyrolytic cleaning.
Basic Settings. Used to set the appliance configuration.
True Fan Cooking. To bake on up to three shelf positions at the same time and to dry food. Set the temperature 10 - 20°C lower than for the function: Conventional Cooking.
Heat comes from two elements, one above and one below the food. The fan circulates the hot air around the oven cavity so that you can put the food in different places in the oven and still cook them at the same time.
Pizza Setting. To bake food on one shelf position for a more intensive browning and a crispy bottom. Set the temperature 20 - 40 °C lower than for the function: Conventional Cooking.
The Roast function is designed for roasting meats and poultry by utilising heat from all elements in combination with the fan to surround the food. This provides even cooking throughout and enhanced browning. This function starts at a higher temperature to seal the meat. The oven will then automatically reduce to the selected temperature to cook the meat for as long as desired. For example, if you use the default 200°C the “Roast” cycle will start at 220°C and then lower to 200°C.
Full Grilling. To grill flat food and to toast bread.
To bake breads, cakes and cookies. To save energy during cooking. This function must be used in accordance with the Moist Fan Baking table in order to achieve the desired cooking result.
Oven Display
Oven Display

Function selector: The function selector is used to select oven functions and to switch on the oven lighting separately. The function selector can be turned clockwise or anti-clockwise. When the function selector is in the 0 position, it can be retracted by pushing it in.

Temperature selector: Use the temperature selector to select the temperature for the cooking processes. It can be turned clockwise until a resistance is felt and then turned back again. When the selector is in the ° position, it can be retracted by pushing it in. The temperature settings are marked on the temperature selector and on the control panel.

Your oven has a range of functions for preparing a wide variety of recipes.

Oven function-Description
Oven function-Description


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