Sharp TV Troubleshooting

ProblemPossible solution
No power.Turn on (I) the MAIN POWER switch on the left side of the TV
Check if you pressed ON/OFF on the remote control unit. If the indicator on the TV lights up red, press ON/OFF.
Is the AC cord disconnected?
Check if you pressed ON/OFF on the TV.
The TV cannot be operated.External influences such as lightning, static electricity, etc., may cause improper operation. In this case, operate the TV after first turning off the power, or unplugging the AC cord and re-plugging it in after one or two minutes.
Remote control unit does not operate.Are batteries inserted with polarity (+,-) aligned?
Are batteries worn out? (Replace with new batteries.)
Are you using it under strong or fluorescent lighting?
Is a fluorescent light illuminating to the remote control sensor?
Picture is cut off.Is the image position correct?
Are screen mode adjustments (WIDE MODE) such as picture size made correctly?
Strange colour, light colour, or dark colour, or colour misalignment.Adjust the picture tone.
Is the room too bright? The picture may look dark in a room that is too bright.
Check the “Colour system” setting
Power is suddenly turned off.The TV’s internal temperature has increased. Remove any objects blocking the vent or clean.
Is the “Sleep timer” set? Select “Off” from the “Sleep timer” menu
Is “No signal off” or “No operation off” activated?
No picture.Are connections to external equipment correct?
Is the input signal type selected correctly after connection?
Is the correct input source selected?
Is a non-compatible signal being input?
Is the picture adjustment correct?
Is the antenna connected properly?
Is “On” selected in “Audio only”?
No sound.Is the volume too low?
Make sure that headphones are not connected.
Check if you pressed MUTE on the remote control unit.
Is the proper item selected in the “PC audio select” menu when connecting devices to the HDMI 2 terminal or the EXT 4 terminal?
The TV sometimes makes a cracking sound.This is not a malfunction. This happens when the cabinet slightly expands and contracts according to changes in temperature. This does not affect the TV’s performance.
Sharp TV Remote Control
Sharp TV Remote Control

How to Reset a Sharp TV?

  1. Go to “MENU” > “Setup” > “Reset”.
  2. Press </> to select “Yes”, and then press OK. “Now, TV will restart automatically, OK?” displays on the screen.
  3. Press </> to select “Yes”, and then press OK. “Now initialising…” displays on the screen and blinks. After the reset has completed, the power shuts off and then comes back on. The screen will have returned to its original settings.



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