What do the Android status and notification icons mean?

The Status bar at the top of the Home screen provides device information (such as network status, battery charge, and time) on the right side and notification alerts on the left.

Battery full: Battery is fully charged.
Battery low: Battery is low. The yellow area turns red as the charge level becomes critical.
Battery charging: Battery is charging.
Vibrate mode: Vibrate mode is enabled.
Mute mode: Mute mode is enabled.
4G LTE active: The device is connected to a 4G LTE wireless network.
Signal strength: Cellular network signal strength.
Network not available: No wireless network is available.
Wi-Fi active: Wi-Fi is active.
Wi-Fi available: A Wi-Fi network is available.
NFC enabled: NFC (Near Field Communication) is enabled.
Missed call: A call has been missed.
Call in progress: A call is in progress.
Call on hold: A call is on hold.
Speakerphone: A call is using speakerphone.
New email: New email has arrived.
New Gmail: New Gmail has arrived.
New voicemail: New voicemail message has been received.
New message: New text or multimedia message has arrived.
File download in progress: Download of a file or app is in progress.
File upload in progress: File is being uploaded or sent.
GPS active: Location service (GPS) is active and acquiring a signal.
App updates available: App updates are available from the Google Play store.
App updates complete: App installation or updates are complete.

Notification icons on the Status bar display calendar events, device status, and more. For details, open the Notification panel.

Notification Panel
Notification Panel

Notification Panel Features

  • Settings: Display the Settings screen.
  • View all: See all available Quick settings.
  • Clear notifications: Clear all notifications.
  • Notification settings: Enable or disable notifications from each app.
  • Notification card: View details about a notification.
  • Quick connect: Search for nearby devices to connect with quickly and easily.
  • Screen brightness: Adjust screen brightness.
  • Quick settings: Quickly enable or disable a feature.

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